There are so many things to do and see in Mendocino County we invite you to check many of them out on the official Visit Mendocino website.  

101 THINGS TO DO in Mendocino County.  Browse this listing to find the activity, adventure or hidden treasure to enjoy during your stay.

Here are a few of our local favorites to enjoy during your stay here at the Buckhorn Inn.  

Explore the Buckhorn Cove - it is just a 5 minute walk from your room!

Hike the bluff and take a really cool picture for an awesome souvenir!

Enjoy THE BEST ocean view at sunset, plus fun drinks and snacks at the Ledford House!

1. Buckhorn Cove

Buckhorn Cove is a short 250 yard walk (.12 mile) from the Inn at Buckhorn Cove parking area.  Walk down the drive and cross highway.  Proceed north until you come upon a trail on your left that hugs a fence and then makes its way down to the cove.  Once there you can enjoy the many secrets the cove has to offer.  Every trip will offer something different, depending on weather, season and tides!  Please use extreme caution and safety when crossing Highway 1 - not recommended if you are crossing with Children or pets.  The trail leading down to the cove is a mild descent of medium difficulty.  The highlighted path below can show you the way.

2. Mendocino Headlands State Park

The village of Mendocino is perched on a bluff where the Headlands Trail begins and follows the ocean perimeter for 2-3 miles providing stunning views. Begin the hike just across from Main St in the Village of Mendocino and follow it to the iconic arch (walk across it if you dare!).  This is a fantastic photo opportunity to get you and your friends silhouetted on the arch with the expansive blue ocean and sky as a backdrop.  Ask a friend on the mainland coast to capture the shot!

3. Ledford House - 3000 N. Highway 1, Albion CA 

Ledford House is just a short distance south from the Inn.  Here you can enjoy fantastic sunset views from the deck or the surrounding grounds.  In addition, they serve up fun cocktails, tasty appetizers and fantastic food.  Heaters on the deck and expansive windows surrounding the bar and restaurant make this gorgeous view and uplifting experience a year-round option.  If you can, stay for the Sunday night special!  

Celebrating our first day as Inn owners at the Ledford House - March 2023